Oral Cancer - Jo Johson

Two weeks ago I went to my dentist for  a teeth cleaning. The hygienist saw something on my tongue. She brought the dentist in. My tongue had one growth on it. The dentist says for me to come back in two weeks to see if there were any changes. After two week I came back and there were two more growths, so she sent me to an oral surgeon.  

I saw the oral surgeon and he suggestion that the one growth in the back needed to come out, so he did it that same day. He said he will get the results of that tissues in two weeks. It cost me $200 to remove it. Two weeks later my dentist called me and said that there is good news from the oral surgeon. She said that the growths were not unusual. The next day I went to the oral surgeon and  he said, "I have never had a diagnosis like this. He said he studied in Berkley at a cutting edge school. He studied biology and DNA before he decided to become an oral surgeon. He has been an oral surgeon for 27 years and has never had a diagnosis like this, but he said there is always a first time. 

At this point I was sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for him to tell me. I said, "What is the diagnosis?" He said anytime he sees the kinds of growth in the back of the tongue like yours it is always oral cancer. He told me that the lab report said that my tissue sample was normal.

Was it the Youngevity products that I take, or did my body kill the cancer? Did my body kill the cancer because of the Youngevity products that I take? 



Knee Pain Relief

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Sheryl Morley

When I was 27, I was an assistant manager at Taco Bell, working between 80 and 90 hours a week and bringing home a mere $850 month. Obviously, I never had enough time or money for anything. It was merely eeeeking out an existence while the dream I had for myself became even more illusive. I drove an old clunker, and had to have my brother move in with me to help meet expenses. To make things even worse, My elbow and knees began hurting. I lived off aspirin or Tylenol just so I could keep going on a daily basis. The way I ate didn't help matters, either. At Taco Bell, we got free fried food and pop and I took advantage of it gaining 35 lbs. which made the pain I was already experiencing with my knees seven worse. So, I went to see my doctor and he said that I had no cartilage in my knees or elbow and I would need a double-knee replacement. I am deathly afraid of needles, and it didn't help the situation that I had no insurance and no money. I put off the operation and my knees kept getting worse.

I called my mom and told her the horrifying news. DOUBLE-KNEE REPLACEMENT AT 27? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She told me to listen to Dead Doctors Don't Lie and TAKE THE PIG PACK!!! I thought she was wacko! But, I finally listened to the tape and started taking the products.

I took the Pig Pack twice a day, and after three months, my knees were completely better, and I had lost 15 pounds. I wanted to help other people, so I got involved in the business. My goodness, how things have changed! I now have time and financial freedom which allows me to travel, own my own home, and drive the car of my dreams. But most importantly, I get to help other people achieve their goals.

Sandy Elsberg

I thought I would die and I thought my epitaph would read "DEATH BY GRANITE."
One day my knees just stopped working and my kids would pick me up from the kitchen floor every time I had to pick something up; or I would have to pull myself up onto the counter top and I thought, one day I will pull the granite off the cabinets and it will hit me in the head and this is how I will die.

Then I heard the Theo Ratliff testimony on how the most perfect athlete as perfect as a Michael Jordan and the number one shot blocker in the NBA was permanently benched from the same bone and joint issues that I was dealing with.

Well, after hearing how Theo got his career back by using the Pig Pack Plus like a religion...I decided to do the same. Theo has the bones of a college grad and so do I.

Theo's knees are in great shape...and so are mine.

Theo can walk and run and so can I.

Theo's career was over and now he has made almost another 100 million dollars thanks to Doc Wallach...and so I am working on it.

Susan Gubler

For over ten years I lived with serious musculoskeletal issues. I have woke in a totally paralyzed state, able to hear mh husband preparing for work but not able to open my eyes, move, or speak. I also had terrible attacks even after I did begin functioning that would cramp muscles all over my body, to include at times the muscles surrounding the lungs. After severe myotonic jerking my legs and sometimes my entire body would go paralyzed. Since starting the products my quality of life has risen to heights we never thought possible. I have less paralysis in the morning. I can speak to my husband before he leaves and I was even able to function early enough to fix him breakfast a few times this past year.

Iggy Baran

These products have made a profound difference in my health. I have been a diabetic for over a decade and I am almost diabetes FREE in just 6 mths! Thanks to Dr Wallach and his health protocols. We have looked for years for this quality of products. Our friends and family love that its a one stop shop, offering a complete health protocol that works! Oh and BTW-I have fewer health issues and I feel younger and more energetic than when I was 30! I have my life back and thats huge!!!!!! I urge everyone to try these products and although I have been blessed monetarily in these uncertain times its good to have a plan B as a back up plan.