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Medical Doctors

MD's are doctors trained in allopathic reductionism:

​4 years pre-med

4 years medical school 

(2 years classroom & 2 years clinical training)

Naturopathic Doctors (ND):

4 years pre-med

4 year naturopathic medical school

900 hours clinical experience

They have more training in nutrients. They can prescribe medications, deliver babies, perform surgery, same thing as the regular MD. 

Dr. Glidden learned more after he met up with Dr. Wallach. The reason for this is that Dr. Wallach was a veterinarian before he became a Naturopathic Doctor. Verterinarians are trained in nutrition because they have to fix the problem, not treat the symptoms. If a veterinarian told a farmer that his pig needed a $20,000 hip replacement, that farmer would turn the pig into bacon, so that is why the vets had to treat the farm animals with vitamins and minerals.


In 1910 Abraham Flexner went all over the US to study what type of medicine the medical schools were teaching. He reported back to Carnegie about this. Carnegie decided to fund the allopathic medicine. All the rest couldn't compete.